Cadet Portal is an official and fully accredited system designed and developed for cadets in the Air Training Corps. It links directly to their profile on Bader (The RAFAC’s IT System) and allows cadets to view their personal information, see upcoming events from the squadron and wing, view their progress through the progressive training syllabus and much more.

Cadet Portal Screenshots

Cadet Portal Documents

Cadet Portal Instructional Videos

Cadet Portal Parent & Guardian Briefing
Cadet Portal Briefing for Air Cadets

Cadet Portal Short Demo Videos

Demonstration of how cadets access Cadet Portal
Cadets are required to accept the Bader Cadet Portal Security Operating Procedures
Cadets can edit and make changes to their personal details

Cadets can provide feedback on Cadet Portal on the site itself

Training Dashboard displays all of the cadets achievements to date and information on how to achieve the different qualifications

Cadets can submit absence statements which link to the SMS parade night registers and view their attendance history over time

This is a bid-based event where there are a limited number of places available

This is a non-bid event where there are no limits on the number of places available

The Downloads page allows cadets to access key RAFAC documents including ACPs, forms etc and local Squadron file downloads as well.

Training programmes can be uploaded in SMS and then displayed to the cadets through Cadet Portal

Cadets can access drill and uniform information through Cadet Portal including instructional videos and the My Brassard

Cadets can access welfare and support information through Cadet Portal which has been provided by ACOS Support