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C & E Yorks Wing22 Apr 2019 @ 15:06
SAC Wardale currently swinging through the trees at Go Ape, just one of the activities on @CEYorks Easter Camp @aircadets https://t.co/pFOKVpXZGb
C & E Yorks Wing18 Apr 2019 @ 19:29
Well done to the cadets who were presented with certificates and badges tonight. The OC presented cadets with First Class cadet certificates, Blue pre DofE badges and certificates, a Senior cadet badge and a... https://t.co/s3SwDdzbyh @idea_award @ComdtAC @CEYorks @ACO_RCNORTH https://t.co/w5xztzDf7z
Central & East Yorkshire Wing
Central & East Yorkshire Wing shared a post.17 Apr 2019 @ 22:36

This week, our very own CWO Ben Woollin and Cpl Ted Allen are hard at work at Beckingham camp with the National marching band.

Playing the Snare and Bass Drums respectively, our cadets are thoroughly enjoying the camp, and they are looking...

Central & East Yorkshire Wing
Central & East Yorkshire Wing shared a note.13 Apr 2019 @ 18:47

Another week has flown by but it seems like only a few days since I was last updating my blog. Having returned from an excellent day with London Wg at Crowborough for the Inness Sword competition last Sunday, I then headed off to the STANTA...

C & E Yorks Wing8 Apr 2019 @ 7:08
Well done to Cdt's Cross, Whewal and Body who were awarded their Blue Drumming badges and Cpl's Maiden and Thompson who were awarded the Bronze Drumming badges. Well Done All! #NoOrdinaryHobby #aircadets #music @CEYorks @1324HBSqn @Sqn872 @739atc @ACO_RCNORTH @ComdtAC https://t.co/os6vgzDFzc
C & E Yorks Wing31 Mar 2019 @ 15:16
Back at @2527Sqn today in @CEYorks, but this time it’s blue leadership assessments 🙌🙌 #AirCadets #WhatWeDo https://t.co/QKqumtsApf
C & E Yorks Wing27 Mar 2019 @ 21:04
Lovely visit to @1324HBSqn tonight. Had the pleasure of awarding Cpl Buckley a Bronze Drumming badge. Great to see so many cadets excited by and engaging with music! #Music #NoOrdinaryHobby #AirCadet @CEYorks @ACO_RCNORTH @AirCadetsNorth @aircadetsmusic @RFCAYH @ComdtAC https://t.co/lOElxllxg6
C & E Yorks Wing24 Mar 2019 @ 17:39
Today sees the 75th anniversary of the “Great Escape” of 76 allied aircrew from Stalag Luft III. Today we played the famous theme in their memory - especially the 50 who paid for their efforts with their lives. @CEYorks @ComdtAC @aircadets @aircadetsmusic #GreatEscape75 https://t.co/so1JjXRKhc
Central & East Yorkshire Wing
Central & East Yorkshire Wing20 Mar 2019 @ 20:27


At the latest round of NCO interviews, 3 Cadet Flight Sergeants from 110 (City Of York) Sqn Air Training Corps were rewarded with promotion to Cadet Warrant Officer, the highest rank attainable by a cadet...

Central & East Yorkshire Wing
Central & East Yorkshire Wing shared a note.10 Mar 2019 @ 18:27

A busy and productive week having recovered from the weekend trip to and from Sussex to join Wg staff and volunteers for a great dining in night. Spent a day on a training course on Tuesday and then had to work hard for the next...

Central & East Yorkshire Wing
Central & East Yorkshire Wing shared a post.22 Feb 2019 @ 16:09

More qualifications completed this month! Well done to the 26 new Heart Start qualifications gained last week! #heartstart #saving #firstaid #YAS #volunteers #aircadets #264 #whatwedo @ 264 - Skipton...


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