Wing Band MCO

The Wing Music Team are looking for an individual to assist with the Media and Public Relations activities of the various musical groups and bands, to help free up more time for the team to focus on musical matters as we continue to drive forward and improve.

The right person will be either a member of staff or a senior cadet, not necessarily with a musical background (though an interest will certainly help), and will assist with:

  • Drafting and proofing articles for onwards submission (initially via the Wing Music Officer)
  • Assisting in posting, interaction and further development of our social media platforms
  • Liaising with other members of the team to ensure a continued high quality portrayal in all media matters.

As such the right person is likely to be/have:

  • An adult member of staff or experienced senior cadet
  • Have an interest (but not necessarily experience) in Cadet Music
  • Good spelling/grammar ability
  • Mature but with a creative streak, and a sense of humour
  • Ability and confident to engage with multiple levels of the organisation

Should this be something that interests any of your staff/senior cadets, please encourage them to send an email to the Wing Music Officer on by no later than the 28th February outlining what they feel they could bring to the role. Needless to say this is secondary to any squadron roles, but potentially a chance for staff/senior cadets to get involved in a dynamic and active team whilst strengthening their CV and experience, and could potentially be used as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme.

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