Outdoor Skills & leadership Course

Invitations are now being taken for the Outdoor Skills & Leadership Course 2019. this will take place from 27th July to 3rd August 2019.
Last year we reinvented the Hag dyke camp adding in the Blue Heart start and  Blue and Bronze Leadership syllabuses. We also managed to complete a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition. 
This year we are back to a full week and so plan to complete a full set of Bronze Practice and Qualifying Expeditions.
In addition a series of immersive tasks are set for the course candidates during the week – building positive engagement, problem solving and teamwork skills. I believe we have managed to add all this new content to the course without removing the traditional feel that being in basic, remote hill side accommodation provides. 
Please be aware that this is a physically demanding course in which cadets will be put under a certain level of pressure to ensure the full course syllabus is met and maximum benefit felt.

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