National Music Camps

The applications for the National Music Camps are now open for 2019. There are three music camps offered by HQ Music Services, these are the National Concert Band, National Marching Band and the National Choir.
Not being part of a squadron band does not limit cadets from attending, with capable singers being invited for the Choir, all levels of musical cadets for the National Marching Band, and cadets Grade 5 and higher for National Concert Band. Although activities are usually held in the south – travel is funded usually by rail or coach so this should not be a limiting factor for your cadets.

Wing Netball Squad – 2018/19

The following cadets have been selected to represent C&E Yorks wing at RAF Linton on Ouse on the 14 Oct 18:

Burgess            264 Sqn

Carney             266 Sqn

Chapman        264 Sqn

Crebbin           58 Sqn

Hainsworth    2168 Sqn

Mather H        2168 Sqn

Mather J         2168 Sqn

Prentice          35 Sqn

Reece              252 Sqn

Wheble          2168 Sqn