CAP Exchange

Once again we have been invited to visit our colleagues in the New Hampshire (USA) Civil Air Patrol this year. The exchange will be undertaken between 13th – 27th July 2018 and will include visits to New York & Boston and attendance at the New Hampshire Wing Encampment at Norwich University, Vermont.
This year we have 4 Cadet Places and 2 Staff places, in order to eligible for selection Cadets must meet the following Criteria:
Aged 16 years or Over 
  1. Minimum of 2 years’ service (recommended 3 years) 
  2. Have attended at least one UK week long Camp.
  3. Full UK Passport 
  4. At least a Leading Cadet (recommended Senior Cadet)
  5. Not previously attended IACE
  6. Preferably not attended an overseas Camp (applications from Cadets who have previously attended an overseas Camp will still be considered).
 As in previous years the Wing Civilian Committee are providing a Subsidy of £500 per cadet towards the exchange, this will mean that the cost per cadet should be no more than £300 (dependent on the cost of Flights). Additional Funding will also be applied for which if successful will reduce the cost even further.
For Staff the cost will be the cost of Flights only and is should be no more than £750 (note Uniformed Staff are eligible to claim Pay).
Applications for both Staff and Cadets are now requested (Cadets should use the form on the attached letter), Staff applications are to be via email. All applications are to forwarded to myself no later the 23 March 18.

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