Air Experience Flying

AEF is Air Experience Flying. Cadets will get a 20-30 minute flight in one of the RAF’s elementary flying training aircraft with instruction on the basic effects of controls & potentially some aerobatics. Flights are subject to suitable weather. Minimum age is 13yrs 3mths

AEF in a GrobTutor at 11 AEF RAF Leeming. Cadets must be at sqn building ready to leave by 0700. Dress is working blues. 3822 with photo and packed lunch are essential. All cadets must bring a change of trousers & SOCKS with them. Flying in Blue uniform trousers, LEGGINGS/TIGHTS/SKIN-TIGHT CLOTHING CONTAINING MANMADE FIBRES (eg nylon) are NOT acceptable.

If time off school is required, use the letters at the link below:!AqX9wboKmqPC7nCQTZ30qDAgIIWc

4 places available. Any cadet that wishes to be considered needs to ensure we have an in date medical form (Av med 1) for them (forms last 3 months from date of signing)

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