Air Cadet Leadership Courses

Cadet applications are now invited for the 2018 series of RAF Air Cadets Leadership Courses (ACLCs).  These will be held at the RAF College Cranwell on the following dates:

118 ACLC                        07 – 14 Jul 18

119 ACLC                        14 – 21 Jul 18

120 ACLC                        21 – 28 Jul 18

121 ACLC                        28 Jul – 04 Aug 18

To be eligible for the ACLCs, cadets must be 16 or 17 years old on the first day of the course, but not 18 years on or before the last day of the course, not have completed an ACLC or Nesscliff leadership course previously, be medically and physically fit, and, ideally, to have at least one further year to serve in the ATC.  All cadets who apply are to complete an observed, timed run over a measured 1½ mile distance and have their time entered on their application forms.  The course is designed to prepare lower-ranking cadets for senior positions in their squadrons and therefore the senior rank permitted on ACLC is Cadet Sergeant or equivalent.

 USE CLEAR BLOCK CAPITALS on the application, except for the narrative.  Illegible forms will be rejected.

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